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Welcome to TXHSFBpedia from
TXHSFBpedia aims to be the ultimate resource for information on Texas High School Football, whether it is basic information on school location, mascots, colors, team history, coaching information and more. Everything you could possibly imagine on the world of Texas High School Football will ultimately live here as a guide for many years to come. This section is dedicated to everyone who have made the sport what it is today, was in the past and will be in the future. So, kick back and relax, discover and learn. Please excuse our bare nature at the present time, we are working to get as much as possible into the system!

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TXHSFB Playoff History Archives

  • 1920
  • 1921
  • State Championship Game History (Coming Soon)
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Team Information & History

TXHSFB Coaching History Archives

TXHSFB Hall of Fame Players & Coaches

  • Texas High School Football Hall of Fame (Coming Soon)
  • TXHSFB College Football Hall of Famers (Coming Soon)
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